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All About GSM Antennas

All About GSM Antennas

Date Added: March 04, 2010 03:34:44 AM
Author: prz21
Category: Science: Employment
The article is dedicated to GSM antennas, their principle of operation and advantages of their application. You will read some useful recommendations on the selection of a suitable cell phone antenna.

An antenna (or aerial) is a transducer for transferring or receiving electromagnetic waves. GSM antennas are manufactured in two types: directional and omnidirectional ones, and are designed to be applied in spots where there is no connection to the mobile operator. The application of high gain cell phone antennas allows to augment the quality of communication and the speed of data interchange in GPRS and EDGE modes. In addition to improved connection and the possibility to use the mobile communication beyond the covering of the mobile operator, cellular antennas are known to decrease the backward radiation towards the user's head. It is essential, since the electromagnetic wave power absorption is minimized and the antenna's efficiency is increased. Thus, the application of cell phone antennas provides excellent performance and high level of health protection. The designation of cell phone antennas is to convert electrical power between a circuit and the air, that's the reason why the performance of the gadget depends on its input and radiation parameters. Choosing an antenna is a significant move, so we advise to talk to the professionals. Specialists in the company where you're planning to purchase the antenna will help you to make the right choice. But nevertheless, note some essential factors when selecting a cell antenna: - Power should be supplied to the antenna with no backward reflection to the circuit. It implies that the feeding point should supply the power, but not take it back; - The electric power transferred to the antenna is converted into radio waves; - In case of any troubles with the impedance, the power should not be supplied to the antenna; - Take into consideration that if the antenna is made of high loss materials, like conductors and dielectrics, the supplied power will be transformed into the heat and lost. So, high gain cell antennas represent a perfect choice if you need a stable communication and high speed of data interchange. Besides, the usage of GSM antennas bring down the rate of electromagnetic wave power absorption and in this way tells positively on your health.

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