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Making good investments: a short guidance

Making good investments: a short guidance

Date Added: January 28, 2010 01:40:51 AM
Author: uidk201022
Category: Shopping: Religious
The article concentrates upon investment. It also features the most widespread types of investment decisions as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

There are many forms of investment. Broadly speaking, they are classified into 4 groups: short-term deposits, bonds, property, shares. Within each asset class there are investments to suit diverse types of risk, duration, returns and liquidity. There are also diverse ways of investing. You can choose the 'DIY' pattern and make an investment in several asset groups. Or, you can invest in a managed fund where financiers make a whole range of investment decisions for you. 1. SHORT-TERM DEPOSITS A) BANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT The simplest form of cash investment is a bank savings account. Returns are lower in comparison to other investments, but returns are guaranteed by the bank. You can withdraw a part or the whole amount of money whenever you want (total liquidity). This makes these investments ideal for short-term savings goals, or as a place to keep your emergency fund. B) BANK FIXED TERM INVESTMENTS You put a sum in a bank for a fixed period of time. In return, you receive a higher interest than you could get from a savings account. If you withdraw your money, the interest will be lower. 2. BONDS The government and businesses issue bonds. You give them an amount for a certain period, and they promise to pay a fixed interest rate and repay you at maturity. Although bonds lock your money away for a specified term, they can be at times traded. 3. PROPERTY Investing in property can be very profitable, provided that it is properly managed. There are both direct and indirect investments. A) DIRECT PROPERTY INVESTMENT If you decide on a direct property investment, you can handle the day-to-day management of your property yourself, or hire a property management business to do it for you. B) INDIRECT PROPERTY INVESTMENT For an indirect property investment, you can make an investment in a private superannuation investment scheme or managed investment fund that invests some of your money in property. This type of investment also makes it easier for the average investor to get the benefits from diversification. 4. STOCKS AND SHARES If you invest in stocks and shares of a public company listed in a stock exchange, you receive the right to share the future income and value of the company. The return comes either in the form of dividends or in the form of capital gains. Certainly, stocks and shares can also decrease in value. Remember to consult your financial consultant before making an investment.

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